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May 25, 2011

>  Judah’s doctor called me back today with the results from all of the Saran Wrap yumminess we turned into the lab over the weekend.  Turns out it wasn’t just a lactose intolerance as I was hoping and praying for.  Our little man was diagnosed with a bacterial infection that I cannot pronounce.  At the moment, he seems to have improved enough that his doctor will do what he can to avoid moving forward with any treatment.  He said the best course of action, outside of the wait and see game, is an invasive antibiotic that takes 5 doses a day and can at times cause more discomfort for the baby than simply riding out the infection.  So we are gonna wait it out for another few days.  Honestly, he’s back to 95-97%.  So my worry level is way down from where it was this time last week.  But still….to hear that his intestines are harboring something that could be or could have been so much worse than I had imagined.  That stinks. But it stinks less in here today than it did last week.  And for that, we are incredibly totally incomprehensibly blessed.

>  We may have found a house.  We haven’t seen it yet.  But it’s the right size.  Right zip code.  Mostly right price.  And  I’m told it has hardwood flooring throughout.  And it’s being held in our name if we want it.  Next week sometime it will hopefully be available for a viewing and at which time we are hopeful to lock it down with a lease signing.  Whew!

>  This weather is a nightmare.  Today I did myself the non-favor of watching videos from this past week of several tornadoes beating more than one city down to nothing but sawdust.  I keep finding myself unintentionally putting myself in their shoes.  Reading story after story of moms searching for the child that was ripped out of their arms. Ug.  It still hits me in the gut to think about.  That kind of pain, weather related or not, I pray I never have to experience.  But now every single time the lights flicker or the sirens blare, I do one of three things:

1.  I try (unsuccessfully) to wake Chris up and put on his shoes so he can help me drag the mattress to the bathtub.
2.  I call Chris and beg him to put on his shoes and take the baby to the tub along with our king size pillow top mattress.
3.  I  put on my shoes and endure the endless makings fun of my husband who will forever NOT find this trait of mine at all endearing.  I must politely disagree.

>  So in conclusion, I can easily tie this day up in a pretty bow and call it “thankful”.  Because we finally know how to help my son.  And we may have a house full of hardwood flooring to rest our king sized pillow top tornado shield on.  And time after time, despite our climates best efforts, we’ve dodged the bullet of total destruction and loss.   And all of those things do my heart very much good.

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  1. Jen permalink
    May 26, 2011 7:01 am

    Amen…life works out…I’m thinking about Judah and his mama today…xo me

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