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dear God.

May 11, 2011

thanks.  for:

my friend Jen.  who is so honest and earnest with me every day.  and encouraging.  and hilarious.  and all via email.  i haven’t seen her in a year and i miss her.  thanks for making her such an amazing mom who admits defeat and who still eagerly anticipates the early mornings and late nights with all the love in her big heart.

and for an amazing sister in law.  amen.

but also,

that baby.  that beautiful singing laughing babbling tumbling baby.  that baby that’s all mine.

and also that man who helped me grow that baby.  he’s stronger every day.  he’s becoming a better man.  a lover of your heart.  a leader.  and sure he doesn’t necessarily listen to everything I say.  but what he hears, he loves.  even when i say dumb things like “i’ll murder you if we end up living in your sisters basement”.  he loves that about me.  only you know why.

for all that food in my fridge.

and for the health of our family.

and for the warmth of spring.

and summer.

and for most of the fall.  (i’ll never say thanks for winter.  i just can’t.)

and for whatever is to come next.

for the challenge.

and finally, for the resolve.

and for the 1,009 other things i don’t know how to spell.


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  1. May 12, 2011 6:59 am

    dear God, thank you for my dear friend Laura…who is one of the smartest people I know…who always humors me with her hilarious wit and brilliant insights…I love her and thank you because the world is a better place because she’s in it, and we’re all the luckiest for knowing her. Also, because she alone knows your reasoning for giving men chest hair, and other random oddities that make my life complete. Amen.

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