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k thanks.

May 10, 2011

I didn’t write last night.  Something came over me.  I may have been drugged.  It may have been a supernatural happening.  But whatever the circumstance, I crrrrrrashed before 10 o’clock.  It felt good to get some sleep.  But I still woke up this morning a little shaky.

We thought we may have found a few places to potentially live this weekend.  Even went to look at one.  But in the end, they were all major disappointments.  Either because of a lack of availability.  Or an over abundance of musty scent.  So, perhaps my exhaustion is stemming from worry.  Maybe not.  I can’t quite put my finger on that one yet.

In the mean time, I’ll try to enjoy the ride.  I think Chris is beginning to worry that I may murder him if we end up in his sisters basement.  That’s probably because I told him I would.  I have since admitted I was wrong to feel that way and have reassured him that I wouldn’t necessarily kill him.  Just maybe fall into a deep unresponsive depression coma.  He may actually be looking forward to that actually.

I like him 🙂

Someone promise me they will come roll me over every few days when I am gracefully sleeping my life away in Kelli’s basement.

K thanks.

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  1. May 10, 2011 10:02 pm

    come’on think of all the fun we could have 😉

    • May 11, 2011 10:08 pm

      fun yes. a great many other things. also yes 🙂

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