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149 kids and dreaming.

May 7, 2011

This commercial has me contorting my face in all kinds of ways every time it comes on TV. I’m a sucker for a fast motion video of babies.  And speaking of fast motion, it feels like just yesterday that we were changing Judah’s first diaper.  This week Chris called to share the exciting news that J had begun pulling up and using furniture in the living room to shuffle around on his own two feet.  My immediate response was to sigh with simultaneous happiness and dread.  Followed quickly by asking Chris if he was ready to try for another.  I must always have a baby from now until I am dead.  The more they grow up, the more I will have.  When my kids begin having babies I’ll stop and just highjack theirs.

Unfortunately Chris just reminded me that we are likely to be homeless in a few weeks and it doesn’t seem the appropriate time to be adding another body into the mix.  Eh.  I think it only adds to the  romantic drama of the situation.  He doesn’t agree.  And since I technically need him to accomplish this goal, I suppose it shall wait for another day.

Like when Judah learns to wipe his own nose…  When does that happen?  Please tell me that does happen.

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  1. Jen permalink
    May 7, 2011 11:37 pm

    Oh it happens, but then you might wish it didn’t. Ara is five and we still have yet to train her that her sleeve or arm or our clothes or arm is not her tissue. So, I got her a special hankie to wipe her nose on thinking that might help, and one led to several because one hankie only lasts about two minutes with a five year old who doesn’t understand the concept of “blow” your nose instead of just let it run all over the hankerchief. Add a dozen or so stiff, snotty hankies to my already several loads of clothes laundry and one load of cloth diaper laundry for the day and I’m back to wishing I could just stuff kleenex in my pocket and do it for her again :). But I’m right there with you on the babies thing, and the homeless thing. I’ll let you know how romantic it is to be homeless while 8 months pregnant if we end up that way :).

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