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get real.

February 13, 2011

And this is when I cross the line between too much information and just the right amount of information you never wanted to know.

I’m in the bathroom.  With the door shut.  Locked actually.  I am in the seated position.  I do this generally once a day.  Not necessarily out of necessity.  My potty schedule just isn’t that routine.  But it’s a great excuse to find a room that no one either desires or feels compelled to follow me into.  I can lock the door even.  And it leaves no room for me to feel guilty. So here I am.  Door locked.  For my 5 minutes of solitude.  Just me, you, and the entire world wide web.

I say all of that (my deepest apologies), because even though I’m behind the closed doors of my bathroom,  I can still sense that the windows in my bedroom are open and allowing a nice breeze to flow through.  I can sense it like I used to be able to hear the sound of a television being turned on from the other side of the house as a kid.  It’s nuts what an open window after a long winter freeze can do to the senses.  More than once today I’ve literally felt my legs go numb underneath me.  As if I were intoxicated.

And all because of a breeze.

And half a bottle of peach schnapps.



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