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baby fat security.

February 12, 2011

Take a long look at those back rolls and tell me this isn’t the cutest baby that has ever existed.

Chris and I both are representative of some lesser life form before 9 am.  This kid though, you’d think we were at Chuckie Cheese after his 5 am bottle.  Life is always good from his perspective.  Which is great, because sometimes I need a little positive perspective to get my head straight.  Judah has nothing more than the security of knowing he is loved by his mommy and daddy.  And there are days, when I become consumed with a longing for the security of a home and a savings account and professional accomplishment.  Which, by itself, is heavy.  It takes hard work to see the fruits of those pipe dreams.

But to Judah, life is good because it is.  It’s not missing a thing.  What’s to miss when you have all of this?  Diaper rash and dried squash in his ear.  Simple pleasures and smiles.

That’s what I’ll start aiming for. Because who needs a home when you have the security of us?

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  1. February 13, 2011 8:28 am

    And thus our Lord reminds us that we must all become “…as little children.” It starts to make sense when you have a little child and you see how much he trusts you for every … little … thing.

    Much love…

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