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3 months

December 1, 2010

Whew.  This month flew by.  One day I got  up and it was December and you were another month older.  I know that doesn’t sound long, but in the life of a newborn it’s the difference between emotionless lump and squealing kicker.  Every day we can’t wait to see who can make you smile more.  It always goes to the person you’ve seen most that day.  But regardless of who it is, you rarely stop smiling at anyone who bothers to look you in the eye and say hello.  And who can help but smile back?  In fact, as if the widened hips and bigger butt weren’t enough, now you’ve given me laugh lines.  It’s almost poetic.  At the ripe old age of 26, I’ve finally been given a reason to leave a permanent smile on my face.   Despite the widened hips and bigger butt.

Child let me tell you something about why I love being your mother.  You sleep a minimum of 6 hours every night in your bed.  And an additional 2-3 hours laying next to me in my bed after you’ve woken in yours.  That’s a total of about 9 hours of sleep every night that I have the opportunity to experience without major interruption.  You are amazing.  I’m almost terrified to have another baby for fear that they will never be able to live up to your standard.  However I must tell you that in some ways I feel as if we are cheating.  Only because every time you begin to look even remotely tired, we bundle you up in what is called a “Miracle Blanket”.  It’s literally a 6 foot piece of material that holds your arms to your side and pockets your feet together.  So in other words, a straight jacket.  You literally look as if you are wrapped in a burrito.  It’s absolutely adorable, and once you are restrained, you fall into a deep trance of sleep that can’t be explained or repeated without the blanket.  It can be alarming to people who have never brought a screaming baby home with them.  To everyone else, it’s the healthier version of dosing your kid with Benadryl.  We’ve tried a few times to let you fall asleep without it.  It’s helpless.  I apologize if you are reading this now as an adult who can’t sleep without being bound and wrapped in a bed sheet.  But seriously, my sleep is very important to me.

So this month we went broke.  Like super duper uber broke.  Like more broke than I thought we would be when I dreamt of our worst case scenario broke.  Luckily it was really only for one month and it was only because healthcare and insurance benefits in this country are ridiculous right now.  My prayer is that by the time you have the responsibility of taking care of your family, there will be a better solution.  However, for us, we are in the middle of an insurance war in our nation.  It’s wreaking havoc on the benefits we thought we could count on, as employers and insurance companies are capitalizing on the fears of people who expect the worst  from recent changes in healthcare reform.  And your birth, albeit worth every single penny and more, was rough on our bank account.  So as we are trying to recover from some big financial surprises, we’ve learned a lot about consumerism and our responsibility as stewards of what we have.  I so badly want to teach you everything I didn’t know about money growing up.  Like for example, school loans aren’t free money.  A lot of people will tell you that it is because the rates are low and the terms are long.  But coming from someone who leveraged their life on their education, allow me to tell you that school loans are expensive and 30 years is a long time to carry that burden.  Finish school when you are young, but do everything in your power to ensure that someone else pays for it.  Also, don’t let network television advertising fool you into thinking that you need a brand new something all the time.  Save and be responsible and find a way to live as debt free as possible.  Your dad and I have been responsible on all fronts except for school debt.  And just that one aspect of debt has been more than we bargained for at times.  Right now in history we are experiencing what is being called the “Great Recession”.  So many people borrowed so much more than they could afford and now we are all paying for it in many ways.  So be aware that credit today equals debt tomorrow.  And even if you can afford the payment, it doesn’t mean you should.  Keep track of your money.  Always look to the future for insight.  And remember that things and money and status won’t serve you.  You’ll only find yourself serving them.  Live above it and love the life you have been given for what it is.  A gift.

And when at all possible, give what you have to someone who doesn’t.  There is no greater return on any investment than knowing you are doing what you are ultimately created to do.

On to a totally different subject.  You love television.  So much so that I sometimes have to turn it off so that you’ll eat or play or look at me directly.  It’s not as if the TV is always on for my viewing pleasure.  I often just have it on in the background while we are home for the noise.  You aren’t verbal at all outside of the occasional squealing or crying, so it can get kind of quiet in our little apartment.  However, this morning as I was setting you up for breakfast, I realized you turned your head and waited for me to turn the TV on before you would pay attention to the yummy bottle sitting in front of you.  I have a feeling that means it’s getting out of hand and I should probably stop watching so much 30 Rock or your first word is going to be BLURG.  I may need to make Big Bird (goodness I hope you know who that is) a bigger part of our daily routine.  Or if I was a good mom, maybe just deal with the silence of turning it off completely.  Nah.  Maybe you’ll grow up to be a sitcom writer.  That would be ideal.  You could call me for one liners.  Okay that’s decided.  Now on to who you will marry…

This week I bought you the book “Goodnight Moon” as a Christmas present.  Only I didn’t even wait 24 hours to bust it out and give it to you.  Now we read it every night after your last bottle.  It’s some of the best 10 minutes of my day watching you drift off to sleep.  You have this very focused look on your face as you begin to tire.  You look straight at me instead of the pages and you open your mouth intently, which I almost always steal a kiss from.  And then quickly and without any struggle, you are gone.  Just minutes after hearing…goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere, I say goodnight to my little burrito and carry you to your bed.  And I secretly pray you wake up in the night so I can repeat the whole process again.

You are awesome.  You always have been and you always will be.

Thanking God for you today my son,

Your Sassy Momma


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  1. Jeff your Uncle permalink
    December 10, 2010 9:46 am

    Man, is Chris lucky to have you… hummmm…. Man, are you luck to have Chris….. hummmm…. Boy, are you guys lucky to have Judah… hummmm….

    I keep getting my thoughts wrong.

    You are luck to have a Lord that loves you and a family that loves you and smart that you give love back to the Lord and your family. YOU ARE LUCKY!

    Jeanne and I are lucky just to have been around you for a few moments in your busy lives.

    Thank-you and Merry Christmas

  2. Nicole Sneed permalink
    December 22, 2010 11:57 am

    You are one smart momma! Judah is very lucky to have these words of wisdom from you to use as he grows up. I really loved the last part about reading ‘Goodnight Moon’ to him, because I received that book
    at my baby shower and can’t wait to read it (and the other books) to our little man…you brought tears to my eyes again! 🙂

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