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a surplus of words, total lack of time.

November 1, 2010

Every single day I open this blog to look at the great lack of posts I have managed to write during the month and I feel very sad.  Writing is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I’m feeling my life is beginning to spiral out of synch.  However, my time has become incredibly scheduled and accounted for by more important things and people, so something had to take a backseat.

However, one thing I have managed to continue that helps keep my mental juices flowing is communicating daily with my friend Jen.  She had her 2nd baby only three weeks before little man J came into our family.  So not only have we been able to share in all the joys and struggles of being a new working mommy, she gives me insight into what I can expect next as she is well versed in all things newborn.  So we write, nearly every day.  And it keeps us laughing and sharper and it serves as a good reminder to both of us, as we sit at our desks, that we are good mommies, who do the best they possibly can, and we deserve to breath a few times a day without suffocating on guilt or the pain of missing our babies.

And because I can hear the sound of my little man squirming awake from his nap as we speak, I’ll share a few excerpts from our communications before I have to go scoop him up.

From: Laura
To: Jen
Subject: RE: just the way you are

….My Monday was really good.  That was until Judah threw up the entire contents of his 4 ounce bottle 10 minutes before I was to put him to bed.  I was covered, he was covered, the chair was covered, and the remote was covered in what I can only describe as the most putrid smelling, hot, gooey, white vomit ever.  Poor kid.  I have lamented over and over it and called other moms to reference their experience.  And I’m ready to say now that he will live to see another day.  But last night I wasn’t so sure.  And I wasn’t so ready to put him in his bed to aspirate on vomit while I laid ignorant in the next room.  Maybe if he spit up more often I would be less inclined to diagnose him with some strange vomiting disease brought on by his vaccinations.  Jenny McCarthy just keeps telling me my kid is gonna die from being immunized and then he puked so I pieced the puzzle together and panicked.  Chaos ensued.  I skipped my shower last night so I could keep my ear to his monitor in case I heard any gagging (as if he had anything else in his stomach to toss).  And today I’m regretting it because momma’s starting to reek….

From: Jen
To: Laura
Subject: RE: well darling

..And as much of a wreck as I was last night, I feel better today. My mom actually made me feel a million times better by telling me, “Look how wonderful Jack turned out and he’s such a happy little boy. You did that!  You made the decisions raising him which made him the happy, funny, silly boy he is. You did a wonderful job; and I’m proud of you!” And I didn’t miss his first steps, or first word (“Dada”, which I still think was a mistake)….

…So, I’ll tell you what my mom told me because Judah will be wonderful and smart and funny and amazing, and it will be because of you. You are singly the most important person in his life (don’t tell Chris I said so!) and will always be his biggest influence whether you’re working away from him or not…you are working FOR him, to provide him with the best you can. (Note: that is optimistic-Jen, but by 2:30, guilty-Jen will creep in and deny ever saying/thinking that so don’t listen to her!)….

From: Laura
To: Jen
Subject: RE: well darling

….I’ve been taking these supplements to that are supposed to help with nursing, but so far have only made me smell like maple syrup….which is really not as cool as it sounds.  I thought originally that it would be a great idea and it would save me on perfume because who doesn’t want to smell like maple syrup?  It felt homey or something. But in reality it makes you smell like a short order diner and people avoid that smell because it only reminds them of how gross the Waffle House is.  When people think of the Waffle House when you walk in the room….something isn’t right.  They make judgements.  And really all you are trying to do is make milk. Not dirty pancakes.  So what can you do?…

From: Jen
To: Laura
Subject: RE: well darling

…Anyway, be glad that you are home to smell Judah right now. And do me a favor and smell him a bit extra for me. And speaking of that, I’m suddenly craving waffles and you…I mean syrup! I’m honestly surprised that Chris has been turned off by your new scent because how is that not attractive?!

Okay…I’m off to scoop up the little man.  Until next time.  Oh and Jen….thanks for always replying to my incredibly insane emails.  Even just to tell me that smelling like Mrs. Buterworth is sexy.  You really know how to make a girl feel good about herself again.


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  1. November 2, 2010 7:01 am

    Love you! Love this…you totally brought a smile to my face…and I’m happy you left out the most insane parts of our emails because some of what we say to one another might get us banned from the internet! I’m just sayin’…BHP…

    xo me

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