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October 14, 2010

I realize I missed a day in the week of “How I love thee…let me count the ways”.  What can I say?  It wasn’t a shortage of content.  It was our new life with one crazy day stuck right in the middle of the week.  You see, our church meets together on Wednesday nights instead of Sunday mornings.  Up until 8 weeks ago I never understood two things….why we didn’t have more families in our church (we are made up almost exclusively by young 25 and under singles…sprinkled with some amazing young families) and why we had only one family with a mom who works full time outside of the home.  And now I understand.  Wednesday nights are chaos for moms, especially when there aren’t many hours to prepare in advance.  By the time I get home from work, Chris and I have just about 5 minutes to exchange pleasantries (which mainly consist of him updating me on how the baby did all day) before he runs out the door to go work his second job (at the church).  That gives me just about an hour to get the baby fed, changed and maybe even get myself in front of a mirror before we are out the door ourselves.  Then it’s all a crap shoot.  Who knows if I’ll actually even get to participate in any of the service as there’s really no way to tell if the little man can handle to sit quietly for that long. Generally just about the moment I rock him into a sweet sleep, it’s time to pack him up and take him home to bathe, change, eat and sleep yet again.  Which brings me to just around my old bed time, which now consists of wishing I had eaten dinner, showering, laying out tomorrows clothes, washing bottles, feeding the dog, packing his bag, writing notes for the sitter or myself, throwing in a load of formula covered laundry and packing a lunch.  It’s now midnight by the way and this means I have about 4-5 hours of sleep ahead of me IF I can get to sleep right then.  Which is generally the least problematic issue to come up the whole day.

All that to say, I hadn’t scheduled a second to use the restroom.  I’m afraid blogging wasn’t top on the list.  I meant to spend some time telling my hubby how special he is to me when he got home from church, but he beat me to it.  He made sure to hit me up with an extra special, super encouraging “you are an awesome mom and I love you” text on his way home.  Once again, he is the better half of this relationship.

Which brings me to reason #3 he makes my life better:

He is my fuel to make it through these days.  He maintains our home and helps me remain calm when things are not so calm.  And when perhaps he sees that I’m not able to, he makes sure to force me into just being me.

This weekend for instance, he has arranged for an overnight babysitter, enforced a “no getting out bed before 10am” rule and he’s even negotiating a compromise on a movie we may both actually enjoy seeing together.  I can’t say I’m especially excited about this overnight expedition without my baby, but I know my man knows best and I’m learning the fine art of being a submissive wife, who can still have fun on a date, while also being a good mommy.

Who ever said this was easy?  I’d like to introduce them to my brass knuckles.

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  1. Angela Stichter permalink
    October 18, 2010 9:31 pm

    I love your wit and honesty Laura:) You are so sincere and true to your words and also you are naturally an amazing mom to that little bundle of joy:) If you ever need anything from one mom to another, give me a call:)

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