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some people just don’t.

April 19, 2010

Today was a descent Monday after several days at the office of experiencing the ugly truth of just how little people tend to “care” when you need them to the most.  And not just the kind of “care” like when people say, “oh I really care about this or that”, but rather, the kind of “care” when they really care enough to get up and go and do.  That is the kind of “care” that I like to see.  Not always the kind of “care” I tend to do.  But definitely the kind of “care” I needed from others last week and didn’t see.

And because I see life in charts.  This is what I drew up today and distributed to my department.  We all agreed, with pretty clear certainty, that it was an accurate depiction of us all at one time or another.

This now hangs on my wall next to all of my other brilliant charts that help me remember I can’t expect more from people than what they are willing to give.  Even when I really really really want it.

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