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green seats and nacho cheese.

April 18, 2010

Some bloggers have been posting “bits of their weekend” posts on Mondays, since finding time to blog on the weekend is so very rare.  Readers miss out on quite a bit of the important stuff that occurs during the busy Saturday and Sunday free hours.  However, I don’t generally partake in this blog ritual as my weekends are mostly kept sacred for yoga pants and illegal online television watching.  So what’s to write?

Except this particular weekend we were given some rather sweet tickets to the Cards game.  And when I say sweet, I mean there were multiple buffets, personal waitresses and even bathroom attendants involved.  That’s how a pregnant woman should always do baseball games.  The seats even had cushion.  I’ll take that anyday.  And to top it all off….the tickets were 100% free.

Eatin steaks with Fred Bird and my man.  And a crazy old androgynous woman.

Boy.  I’ll never get that moment back to do over.  Good thing I looked as ugly as humanly possible.
I think Fred Bird looks a little concerned.

Our seats were pretty rad.  If you could see them, you may have noticed they were green.  That’s indicative of incredible amounts of nacho cheese and unlimited hotdogs.  It’s amazing what you’ll eat when given the opportunity to say the words “I’ll take one of everything pweeze” without concern for cost.

We are kind of awesome.  With or without green seats.

But mostly because of the seats.

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  1. jimmah permalink
    April 20, 2010 5:12 pm


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