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March 17, 2010

One of the benefits of working in marketing is that I get the opportunity to spend time regularly reading up on the latest and greatest in consumer behaviorism and industry trends.  I hit up several blogs, news websites and periodicals weekly.  Most of my favorites are industry specific and speak into the changes occurring in the financial industry right now as the government has been pushing down incredible amounts of regulation.  I could spend HOURS passionately discussing these changes and how frustrating it has been from the perspective of the consumer and the banker.

But I won’t.  What I will do is share something I ran across today while out perusing some of my favorite blog hot spots.

A new favorite.  The brainchild of two credit union greats, Brent Dixon and Jimmy Marks.  It’s serious when it says it has nothing to do with credit unions, although as a marketer in the industry I can tell you, it deserves an award for hitting the nail on the head.   Today in honor of this new favorite blog of mine (mine in that I read it, not in that I at all contribute to it), I chose a favorite post and will repost below.  You’re welcome.

From the Laboratory of Thomas Edison comes this brief letter to William Le Roy  Emmet, an award-winning engineer who began working at GE back when it was still known as Edison General Electric and then stayed with the firm for many years. In 1926 Emmet’s success caught Edison’s attention, and, as seen in the following note, provoked a congratulatory remark from the company’s founder, followed by a warning about the road ahead.

Oh Mr. Edison.  A man after my own heart.  Who else could so eloquently congratulate while also delivering a straight dose of reality in less than 3 sentences?

For today….

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