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my new goal.

March 11, 2010

I can’t just tell myself that I will do my best to write more often.  I’m a goal oriented, result driven, kind of lady.  I must set before me a calendar of achievable goals, determined to win the prize, even when there is actually no prize at all.  So my goal for the remaining days of March….write something every day.  Even if it is nothing.  I mean….words will be involved, however the overall meaning behind those words may lack purpose or integrity (as if anything I’ve ever written has had any resemblance of integrity).

So this is day one of writing something every day.  And already I have almost nothing to report.

> People have begun touching my belly.  That must mean I have reached some milestone in my pregnancy where people are no longer silently wonder if I’m gassy or if I’ve just had a large meal.  Of course my friend Danita, who knows full well that I’m pregnant, did ask me not 7 days ago if I had just ingested a large meal.  So maybe I haven’t quite convinced everyone yet.  But we are getting there.  Expect pictures soon.

> Sydney has begun losing her mind.  She now spends her mornings completely obsessed over whether or not I will let her in the bedroom with Chris after I go to work to spend the remainder of her morning curled up in my warm spot.  I have never NOT let her in the bedroom with Chris after I go to work so she can spend the remainder of her morning curled up in my warm spot.  I have no idea where this sudden obsession comes from.  She literally will refuse to go outside to use the restroom until I at least let her walk into the bedroom, jump into bed and lay down.  Only then will she even consider the idea that it’s safe to spend 3 minutes outside peeing and not guarding the bedroom door on the off chance that she’ll have to eat my leg and chew through the door jam just so she can fart on my pillow.  Weird weird dog.

> I haven’t felt the baby kick yet.  This may be a good sign.  Maybe it’s calm.  Maybe Chris and I will do everything in our power to try and turn this baby into a raging idiot its whole life, only it will be shy and laid back and never appreciate our awesome personalities.  As long as it sleeps through the night I honestly couldn’t care less.  I’m finding sleep is very important to me.  And a lack of sleep is the only thing new mothers like to talk about.  I don’t care what your baby does.  My baby will be awesome and will sleep whenever I demand it.  (denial is the first stage people.  let me have my process).

> I’m still tooting a lot.  Tonight my husband and brother in law decided they needed to visit the new Dunkin Donuts. Unexpectedly, instead of joining them, I climbed into the car with my sister in law and let her know the only reason I didn’t travel into the facility with them was because I had major gas.  Although I’m sure after two children of her own, she understood, I doubt she appreciated my logic.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. March 12, 2010 12:41 am

    There’s a new Dunkin Donuts? WHERE?

  2. March 12, 2010 1:25 pm

    Love it. I’ve missed you witty banter! 😉

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