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don’t ask y. ask y not.

December 14, 2009

December 13, 2005: A seemingly innocent evening of two young and lovely individuals baking Christmas cookies.  Two individuals who have only known each other for mere weeks, yet have formed what most would consider an obvious bond. During the course of this commonplace cookie making, the male counterpart sneaks away momentarily but returns with what will inevitably change the course of these two young lives forever.

It was a cookie.  Sugar to be exact.  And on it were the words, written in hurried scribble, “will you be my girlfriend?”.

Emotions were aflutter.  In an attempt to seem calm and somewhat collected, the female, without audible reaction, quickly devoured the cookie, leaving behind no shred of evidence that the question, or the cookie, ever existed.

Moments later, with guilt and tension mounting, the female decided the best reactionary method would be to respond via cookie, as the question had been presented.  Asking the male to leave the room so that thoughts could be collected and the best method of cookie decoration could be thought through, the female breathed deeply.  With the icing tube in hand, and a nervous tummy brewing, she began her work.

The best laid plans of mice and men so often go astray.  With great angst and stress, the icing tube was used with such brute force that only one letter was formed before it cobust.

Thus leaving the male to return and find only an answer of “y”.  And a female with gooey, deliciously icey hands.

Of course, with some explaining, and the first of many failed attempts of cooking behind them, the happy couple did agree to forever more refer to eachother as betrothed.

Many years later they would revisit that very same kitchen on the very same date, as the male counterpart presented an even more impressively sized cookie with the words “will you marry me?” scribbled hurriedly on it.  And just as awkardly, the female counterpart would fumble her way through an affirmative response, therefore beginning a life of love and laughter (and botched baking experiments).

(Given on December 13, 2009….from him to me.
Okay so I didn’t remember our date/engageaversary.  But in my defense I was busy with laundry).

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  1. Jeff your Uncle permalink
    December 15, 2009 8:13 am


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