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bloggers block.

November 16, 2009

Boy do I have it.  I’m literally incapable of expressing how blocked I trully am.  And not even just in the blogging world.  In the design and work world as well.  Simple tasks seem to overwhelm me more than ever lately.  Which is also explained by a huge realization I had today, that I most assuredly will be sharing with you within the next 24 hours (more than likely unless otherwise distracted).

So here is a list:

1.  I wore my snow suit all night.  Goggles included.  I’m getting prepped for next week’s ski trip.  Most people hit the gym in preparation for a strenuous ski excursion.  Not me.  I lounge in the clothing I will most assuredly die of exhaustion in on top of a snowy mountain.  It’s kind of like preparing.

2.  Chris got his school schedule just about finalized this week.  As of right now he will be attending class every single day.  Of course most of those days he’ll be on campus for just a few hours in the middle of the day, but none the less, things are about to get really interesting in these parts.  I love schedules and lists and tasks.  Chris likes sweatpants and donuts.  We are bound to meet our maker over this.

3.  We hosted Lot Fam at our house this weekend.  Wanna know the raddest part of that besides getting to have a group of really rad people over to have a rad bible study?  They bring rad food over and then leave it.  I have a gallon of chocolate milk in the fridge right now and I’m DYING to chug it before I go to bed.

4.  Battle Studies premiers in 42 minutes from right now.  I’m pretty much gonna stall out at work tomorrow.  I may be busy learning lyrics all day.


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  1. amber permalink
    November 17, 2009 10:53 pm

    You should have an album of dress-up pics… Astronaut, leap frog, rad ski woman! I tried to win John Mayer concert tix on y98 for you tonight, but I was not the 9th caller – so sorry:( Hope your block crumbles soon – we cannot have a world void of bella speak!

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