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i would name her rock’n roll

October 1, 2009

Ever fall in love with a song and have no idea what it means, only to find out later that basically every word of it stands for the very opposite of what you are?  It’s possibly the most disheartening thing that can happen to a girl like me.  Music is kind of my thing.  I love me some tunes.

Strangely, there are two very different parts of me when it comes to music.  There is the part of me that loves the lyrical value of a song.  There is this moment when I lyrically connect to a song that I legitimately feel as if I know myself a little bit better because of the artists words.  It’s this revelation that at one point or another, this person has felt an emotion or lived through a situation, was given the ability to convey their message in the most natural and raw form, and I feel as if it’s possible I feel exactly what they feel (no I’m not a huge Frampton fan).

Then there is this part of me that LOVES the chorus of that song when it gets all poppy and fast, not because I necessarily agree that you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, but only because it makes me kind of want to move around in a gyrating fashion until the song has played so many times that itunes gets tired and goes home.  This is the part of my brain that forces me to own music by Miley Cyrus and Shakira.  Out of respect for the shuffle button on my iPod, I truly wish I could say that I didn’t own them, but sometimes I just can’t wait for Z1077 to roll that song around again for the 3rd time in one hour.  I need it 16 times in one hour.  And I need it loud.

Unfortunately, it is because of this cheap thrill section of my brain that I often find some of the music I truly love, sometimes does not align itself so well with my value or belief system.  For instance, for the past….oh I don’t know…..5 years or so, I’ve had the song The Seed (2.0) by The Roots on repeat.  Do yourself a favor….even if you don’t think you’ll like it…just listen to it.  I dare you not to bob your head even a little.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do.  Do NOT google for the lyrics.  Why did it take me 5 years or more to do this?  I have no idea.  Why did I not even bother to try to hear what he was saying?  Mainly because I was too busy drumming the dashboard and practicing my robot to even try to listen that closely.  Who needs lyrics when the music just feels so good to my soul?

So here is what I say…sometimes you have to love music that is good for your soul and not your ears.  Sometimes you have to just allow yourself to drum on the dashboard so loudly you miss out on the lawlessness of the lyrics.  Sometimes….you have to enjoy the sound of an artists depravity and just chalk it up to your own genetic disposition to love bad music.  Or is it good music?  That part I’m still not clear on.

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  1. October 1, 2009 10:16 pm

    Isn’t he talking about trying to knock up some girl? That’s what I always thought. I too have loved that song for years and years.

    • October 1, 2009 10:23 pm

      i think he’s talking about knocking up some girl behind his real girls back. i’m not sure. it’s kind of cryptic. but still….i dance to it fortnightly.

  2. December 30, 2009 2:43 pm

    I was and I am still listenning to The Seed (2.0) tonight, and just like you, I’ve known it for several years before I googled the lyrics, tonight.
    I like what you wrote, it’s really interesting.
    Actually, I was re-listenning to The Roots because I was listenning to Hocus Pocus, some really good French hip-hop, by the way.
    And, by the way, I discovered The Seed (and The Roots) on the OST of Collateral… very good movie…

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