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double dutch.

August 8, 2009

Well…I’ve got one week down of the new job….and things are looking good.  It was a daunting week to say the least.  I found myself many times staring at my looooong list of things to do, and just trying to remember what that feels like.  When I started in marketing I often felt like an all-star.  There were so many times when I could just knock out task after task after task after task, often without breaking a sweat.  Then I took a year off from that and, despite my many requests for an increase in responsibility, spent a majority of my time trying to stretch one project out as long as possible so as to avoid boredom.  Now here I am again, back on the saddle.  I’m LOVING it and I know soon it won’t quite feel so incredibly huge to be multitasking again.  In fact this week my new boss asked me how I felt it was going.  I told her of course it was a little overwhelming but amazing.  That’s mostly true with any job change, but especially in this case as the workload LOOKS neverending.  

I explained that it feels a bit like double dutch right now.  The hardest part of double dutch is just getting in the ropes.  Once you find your timing, your natural rhythm takes over and you just find yourself doing it.  You aren’t thinking…”okay left right left right left right”.  Right now I’m still feeling it out from the outside with my hands up waiting for my timing to get in and get going.  Once I find my way back in the ropes I’ll be fine.  Sure I’ll probably trip up at times, no one said I’m perfect.  But I just cannot even explain how awesome it is to be back in the game.  

Also, Wentzville has some amazing places to eat.  Unfortunately yesterday at lunch I got turned around and found myself at White Castle.  Needless to say, this morning had been rough.   Good thing Chris is at work right now.  He would NOT want to be around for this.

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  1. August 8, 2009 10:03 am

    the winds are from the west and we are smelling onions.

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