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May 15, 2009

I’ve said to myself at least 12 times this week that I need to update the world on what is going on my life, for several reasons.  One, because I know you all sit around with bated breath, holding on to the undying hope that I will post even the slightest syllable to fill you in on what has occurred during my last 5 minutes.  Also, I know that’s malarky and you are mostly just checking to see if I can write about anything besides bowel movements.  Turns out, I can’t. Which is why I have failed to update in the last 8 days.  

Then today I remembered that things do happen to me which in no way relate to toilet paper.  For example, Chris and I have officially signed on a lease for a new apartment in sunny St. Peters.  We are more than extra excited about our new living space as it adds about 400 square feet to our current situation, not to mention my own washer and dryer (which first must be purchased with what I assume will be Monopoly money) and two lovely swimming pools along with a nice gym room.  OH and a benefit I’m almost as excited about as the washer and dryer room is that they stock your fridge for you with some of your favorite snacks on your move in date.  w00t.  

Unfortunately, we cannot move out of our current apartment until July, so the glory of our new home will not be fully realized for about 2 months…but that’s okay.  In the mean time, we’ll just have to deal with the near constant noise of children competing their favorite curse words as loudly as possible.  And as much as I wish that wasn’t true, it’s honestly the only reason I have my windows shut at the moment and the air conditioning running.

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  1. May 15, 2009 6:58 pm

    Your 2nd to last sentence is possible God’s judgement on Chris for … well … doing the same thing to us. 🙂 CONGRATS on the new home! We are excited for you! You can break in and steal the washer and dryer from our current apartment the day before we move if you want. Just delete this comment first. 🙂

    Richmond says hello.

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