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May 4, 2009

In a gesture that will live in infamy as the worst Mother’s Day present ever, Sydney has contracted some rare strand of bacterial colonitis which has caused her to vomit up the very idea of eating food all over her kennel, my carpet and finally the grass in front of the vets office.  Of course once we arrived in the office, the vet was all “I’m gonna give you something to puke about”, and after about the 4th colon swab Syd was feeling much more alert.  Not before racking up a $250 bill, including 3 separate prescriptions that unfortunately require a Phd. to administer.  

This costly butt swabbing, paired with a lengthy conversation with my husband last night, has caused me to finally decide to officially start looking for a second job in an effort to make some financial headway.  Idealy, this job will entail something along the lines of pajama testing or contracted couch tryer.  Unfortunately, unless otherwise directed to something cool, I fear I will find myself waiting tables at the local Golden Corral digging rogue pieces of mystery meat out of the ridges of my orthopedic shoes.  Nightmare.  

I’m open to any recommendations for supplemental income that I may not have considered, should you have any.  Barring anything illegal…..especially if it’s likely I’ll get caught.

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  1. May 4, 2009 8:58 pm

    The job market is pretty tight but I hear that New Balance is hiring.

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