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dear mr. woods,

April 21, 2009

picture-005Today is your day.  And by that I mean that 10 seconds ago when the dog puked, I didn’t make you quit playing x-box to clean it up, regardless of the fact that we both know puke is your duty and poo is mine. That’s right’s your b-day and I’ll glady (and gaggingly) clean up that pile for you. 

You are officially 24 years old (well you will be by the time you pull yourself away from the video games and read this).  This past year has been a whirlwind for you.  A real grown up job, a real grown up wife and a real gross puppy dog.  Life must have just flown by in one giant fun ball of fury.  

I can barely remember the boy I started dating 3 years ago.  The one who ate cereal for a living and who would blackmail me with things like shaving his mustache in return for snacks.  So much of you has changed this year that we’ve been engaged then finally married.  You’ve begun a long journey as a man and leader in this household.  No longer do you threaten me with facial hair and screamo music, although my struggles are now getting you to wear pants when company comes over or to retrieve the mail.

Thank you for helping me remember that life is still fun.  When work is awful and my head is full of the cobwebs of life, you always find a way to encourage me.  You are an amazing and superbly amusing husband.  There is not a day when I don’t love you more than the day before.  There is not a day when you don’t impress me more than the day before.  And there is not a day when you don’t force me to roll my eyes and whisper “really??”.  Thank you for that.


your wife.

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  1. April 22, 2009 5:36 pm

    tearjerker. happy bday toph!

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