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running shoes.

April 15, 2009

Great news internet!  My dog has been floor trained.  When I tell people that it never seems to faze me that I’m essentially telling people how proud I am that after 8 months I’ve finally trained my puppy to defecate on the carpet.  As much as it sounds like it, I have worked very hard to abolish that very act.  When I say the words “floor trained”, I simply mean she has begun her long journey of a life of sleeping on the bedroom floor rather than sprawling across all 7 feet of my king sized bed.  I also now feel a newly earned right to buy new sheets as I can more than likely assume she will no longer be chewing them in the middle of the night.  She has claimed her corner of the room and has very romantically lounged there every evening since she was evicted from her comfortable, cloud like slumber situation not but 4 days ago.  We’ve only had one or two situations, one being very comical in that nearly 15 minutes after the lights flipped off, and several hundred ‘NO…DO NOT JUMP UP HERE”s later, we both suddenly realized that there seemed to be a furry mass laying inconspicuously between us.  We still have no idea how she got up there without us noticing, but I imagine in my head a very slow and snail like army crawl eventually leading to her head gently hitting my pillow.  Just as she felt the coast was clear, the lights flipped on.  Honestly we almost didn’t even kick her out, simply out of parental pride…but then the idea of waking up to a feather shower was a little more than I imagine either of us could have handled. Since then, she’s been a good little floor trained baby dog.  The hardest part was that first morning when I woke up to see her face placed ever so gently on the bed next to mine, totally asleep, while her body sat up leaning against the bed frame.  She’s persistent.  I’ll give her that.

Have you ever heard of ‘inverted sneezing’, cause earlier tonight she went through a crazy, almost bizarre, sneezing fit that caused me to google the situation in case there was some sort of Parvo strain that caused puppies to strenuously sneeze out grey matter until they died or suffered from extreme brain damage.  All I came up with some story about ‘inverted sneezing’, which of course led me to my next google search, which mostly just led to a bunch of Yahoo Answers with pet owners regaling stories of their sickly pets causing me to sincerely pray that it never happens in my presence.  I’m not sure I could ever handle seeing a dog invert a sneeze. It sounds demonic.  Now the words “inverted sneezing” is in my google search at the top of my screen and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it there forever.  Just cause it kind of makes me giggle to read.

Chris bought me new running shoes.  I’m pretty excited about that too.

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