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April 9, 2009

Thank God for Good Friday.  For more than one reason really, the most important being my eternal salvation, but also because for some under-known reason my office decides to honor it by paying us all to stay home.  Well actually, when the economy isn’t in complete danger of collapsing on itself, they generally pay for everyone in the office to participate in a day of golf and boozing on the day in which we should all be remembering how Christ died for the very sin of gluttony and drunkeness of which they all happily partake.  Unfortunately this year the golf outing was offered but not paid for, hence no one is really going and Good Friday will be slept through, out of reverence of course.  

I’m so pumped to sleep in.  I have a feeling the baby dog might have something else in mind…especially when tonight she finds out she is no longer welcome in the big bed and tomorrow morning may come earlier than normal.  In most cases she is very good about staying in bed until I decide it’s time to wake because she shares an affection for fluffy pillows and heavy blankets with her owners.  However, two destroyed feather pillows and one turd later, she has cordially been uninvited to our bedtime situation until further notice.  I have laid out a surprisingly uncomfortable looking pallet for her on the floor which should suffice for the time being.  In her normal fashion she has already eaten one of these pallets and before she is floor trained I’m sure she will have lost all pallet privileges.  I wish she could see how much better life would be if she would stop eating everything.  Even as I write this I’ve just noticed there is a shredded IKEA catalog in her cage.  Lovely.  The Sweeds won’t be happy about that at all.

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  1. Scott permalink
    April 10, 2009 6:20 pm

    you are right…I am no happy about it.

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