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what doesn’t kill us….

February 14, 2009

Today has been a rough puppy day.  And by rough I mean she has spent more than a significant amount of time in her bed and I have spent even more time cleaning up puddles of piddle.  Which by all laws of physics shouldn’t be accurate unless I myself were creating at least some of those puddles…but I assure you it is true.  


Now she’s all cuddles.  As you can see she is giving me one of her famous perch hugs.  This is also how she prefers to sit when I drive her around on errands.  My theory on these piddle problems is that Syd had realized that if she pees before or after she comes in from the outside it leaves her more time to sniff and run after imaginary ferrets.  I try explaining to her that there are specific times set out in each day for a little horseplay outside including a short walk….but she refuses to listen to reason.  Instead she has now decided that carpet time is pee time and grass time is recess time.  

So much for a return on our security deposit.

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