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February 11, 2009

I can’t even begin to explain how many blogs I stalk in any given day.  I call it stalking rather than reading due to the fact that I rarely bookmark any of these sites and NEVER leave comments.  It’s like those relationships you engage yourself in as a teenager that you aren’t sincerely invested in, yet can’t bring yourself to separate from.  Some people out there in the world have amazing thoughts.  They write about their children and pop culture and spaghetti noodles,  but they make them sound interesting and colorful.  I tend to write about the fact that I don’t write enough nor have enough to sustainably write about.  So in keeping with tradition, allow to me make my obligatory comment concerning my lack of blogging material.

In an effort to avoid this writing void I think I have finally found my niche.  Some writers have their “thought for the day” or “quote of the minute”.  I, however, will utilize my love for lists.  As a helpful tool in this new endeavor, I have purchased a journal which sole purpose is to help an individual such as myself outline an autobiography.  Titles such as “list all past occupations” or “list your biggest sins” should help to keep at least one blog per week fairly juicy in nature.  Not that my posts lack in juiciness, so much as topics outside of dog poop.  

In other news, I’ve newly rediscovered how painful it can be to be employed in an office that kennels their employees in cubicles on warm spring days.   There is no pain greater in life than knowing in your soul that there is a strong dose of Vitamin D showering down all over God’s green earth right outside of someone else’s office window, whilst also  knowing  there is no excuse good enough on this planet that won’t automatically clue in your superiors when you suspiciously “call in sick” on the warmest day of the winter.  Because of this I am determined to purchase a desk lamp that not only emits a strong source of heat, but also does not require any sort of fluorescent bulbage.  Screw February.  Praise be to March.

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  1. February 12, 2009 8:28 am

    Dear, dear, Bella. You are married to Christopher. Have you not noticed that you have an endless supply of blogging material? He kept my blog spinning for years! Of course, I’ve noticed that he’s made amazing strides in wisdom and maturity since you came into his life. He’s not the same man he was as recently as September. So it might not be true anymore. Hmmmm.

    Either way I am a faithful reader of this little space on the web. Write on, sistah.

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