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siamese puppies.

January 24, 2009

– Last week was pretty intense wasn’t it?  I’ll admit that this past year was a roller coaster of political emotions for me.  To begin with I understood the importance of fiscal conservatism but still found myself attracted to the idea of holding out for “hope”.  As the months went on and the economy began changing I became more and more passionate that perhaps “hope” was lost and “change” would come in the form of unemployment and soup lines if the right people weren’t placed in the right positions.  As someone who did not vote (amidst a change in state, marital, job and education status…it slipped my mind to vote early in my county), I am in no position to begin throwing stones concerning who should and shouldn’t have been glorified over the past 6 months or judge the decisions of any person holding any political office.  On Tuesday I sat with every other person in America and watched a new era dawn upon us.  I squirmed over the stuttered oath more than I did when I flubbed my own wedding vows.  I oo’d and ah’d over the first lady’s dress.  And I watched Kanye West make yet another fool of himself in front of the voting Americans of the world.  I’m proud to see the country united in the decisions they have made.  Even those of us who stood strongly opposed are praying and trusting that good intentions and a strong heart will get us through these extremely volitale times at least mostly unscathed.  Still understanding that it’s the responsibility of all of us, and not just one man, to make it all function correctly.  Also, it’s pretty rad that the family shops almost exclusively at JCrew.  Had I known that 6 months ago I would have joined their campaign no questions asked.

+ Siamese puppies.


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