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December 31, 2008

My intention was to post a blog that included several witty quips and overly edited photos in which I resembled Penelope Cruz.  However, upon further reflection I realized that not only do I not have any pictures of myself (besides the wedding) from 2008, but whatever pictures I do have are currently trapped on my non functioning laptop.  By the way, we can all thank my immortal puppy Sydney for chewing through my live power cord therefore putting my new comp out of commission.  And on a further side note, this morning I woke up covered in feathers only to discover she had also chewed a hole into my down comforter (again).  As punishment she was put in her kennel, where somehow she gained access to a small plastic bag of replacement christmas light bulbs, which she promptly devoured.  It’s no wonder she has bowel issues.  I eat a spicy chicken sandwich and I pay for it for days.  She eats light bulbs with a side of goose down….and I end up cleaning the aftermath.  

So that being said….2009 should prove to be an interesting and story filled adventure.  One of my “goals” will be to take more pictures. A feat more easily accomplished once a camera is purchased.  Another is to finish at least 5 non fiction books that have absolutely nothing to do with being a better manager.  I will also attempt to obtain a tan from the sun.  All of these things will hopefully be logged with my more frequent writing (goal number 39). I won’t give you the complete list of 2009 goals.  Those are just a few…not even the most important. Just the ones I can recall from memory.

Happy New Year!

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