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16 facts facts about nothing.

December 21, 2008

1. I believe that telephones, electricity and microwaves are all miracles stemming from the birth of our Lord and Savior and only continue to function because God wills them too. 

2. I secretly love to be bossed around. I’m the bossiest person I know….but I love nothing more than to meet someone stronger willed than me so they can tell me what to do next.

3. I still laugh when people ask the question “Did the carpet match the curtains?”. It’s something I neither understand or am ashamed of. 

4. I make an effort to only wash my hair every other day. It sounds gross…but on the second day you’d be surprised how hot I am from the neck up.

5. I can’t remember my husbands birthday to save my life. I know it’s one of two days…but somehow it got stored in that part of my brain that CANNOT retain information for any significant length of time.

6. My dog pooped on the top of my laptop this morning. I think it’s a cry for attention. 

7. I have the longest toes God ever blessed a human being with. As a child I was studied by scientists in hopes they could finally prove we all descended from monkeys. 

8. I hate all board games. That’s not a secret. But most people believe I hate ALL games. I’m secretly amazing at flashlight tag and red rover. (Dear Kelli, this does not include Apples to Apples or Catch Phrase because they do not include a board.)

9. I’m obsessed with reading parenting blogs. I should have prefaced that with saying I AM NOT PREGNANT BUT. I just am infatuated with learning how to do it right. 

10. For two days I have been dizzy. I have walked into more than one wall and I have absolutely no idea why. Perhaps my inner ear is on christmas break. 

11. I’m done with school forever. I know that’s not a secret…but I thought maybe I should say it again so it was more official.

12. I’m going to have 3 kids. My first son’s name will be named “BrInner” (or some variation of that spelling) due to my love for breakfast for dinner. 

13. I have an extreme fear of pooping my butt in public. I admitted this to my husband recently and he asked how often I thought about this. Daily…at least once a day. 

14. A woman at work hates my guts. A new handbook got printed last week and she left me out of the “who’s who” section. There’s just a space where I should be. I think it was a message. If I disappear from the world…promise me you’ll investigate her first.

15. My biggest pet peeve is repeating myself. 

16. My husband was born deaf. (notice any correlation between #15 and #16?…

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