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October 20, 2008

+ It is officially a season.  There is something to be said about the season of holidays.  Last night…we carved pumpkins.  Not to long from now….we’ll be carving turkeys.  Soon after….we’ll be carving out our savings to afford christmas presents.  And these grand gestures of holiday spirit…as stressful as they are….totally make my heart all the happier.  I’ve been sinfully engaging in loud session of Christmas cheer in my car to the tune of every holiday classic (thank you 101.1).  I’ve been debating silently in my head concerning how we will afford our first christmas tree and ways in which we can cheaply and creatively decorate said tree.  I’ve also been daily encouraging myself that snow will NOT in fact hurt me and that trials such as cleaning my car off from the layers of inevitable ice and snow will only build my character into the person God needs me to be in order to carry out His will.  I feel as if I’m one wool coat purchase away from truly being prepared for this season.  Watch…now global warming will be at it’s best and it will be sunbathing weather on Christmas morning and blow all of my preparations out of the water.  

+ Tonight I started what will be my last 8 weeks of class before I graduate from my masters program.  I need to come up with a list of all the names that will be acceptable to address me by “post MBA”.  I really feel as if after all this hard work and dedication, I should be introduced with some sort of title.  It’s obvious when you meet a doctor or dentist or pastor.  They get the prefix or suffix to prove their glory.  I get nothin but a boat load of debt and a chunk of my personality down the drain.  Oh and maybe a raise some day.  I’m thinking “your majesty” might be a bit much.  Maybe just “mrs. smartypants”.  I’m not positive.  I’m gonna keep workin with it.  I have 8 weeks.  

+ I’m gonna get my hair cut soon and very soon.  I’m calling a hair person tomorrow.  Currently my hair is just at or below my chesticles (or lack thereof).  I’m thinking of getting a cute shoulder length bob similar to what Nicole Richie sported right before she got good and knocked up.  I gotta keep the bangs due to my overly freckly and mostly broke out forehead.  Because I have the best husband EVER, I also was allowed to invest some of our wedding gift cards into a very much sought after CHI straightener.  I’m so very close to having descent looking hair.  I can feel it in my soul.  I might have to post some before and after pictures on here if it turns out to my liking.  Or maybe it will be more to the liking of my readers if it turns out awful.  For some reason, the embarrassment of the writer always seems to draw an excessive amount of unique hits for a blog.  

+ Well.  It’s happened.  I am no longer simply debating the idea of skinny jeans.  I have come to a place in my life where it is an inevitable fact.  Skinny jeans will become an important facet in my life.  My husband found the most adorable pair of JCrew yellow golashes for me while we were in Colorado.  Before most of you begin questioning his sexuallity….you should know that I have been talking about golashes incessantly for months.  I’m sure the gesture of buying these rubber treasures for me was simply out of a selfish desire to shut me up…but I can’t even explain how much our marriage was solidified for me when I saw him holding them up.  Regardless….now it has come down to reality which is basically that golashes cannot be properly worn without the proper pants to accompany them.  Simply shoving my “somewhat” skinny,  yet still a bit loose jeans, into the shoes…will just not do.  I’m forced to make the best of the situation and begin my search for a flattering pair of latex like denim leg coverings.  I’ve tried on ONE pair so far.  I won’t give details because I don’t want you to think I’m searching for compliments….but it wasn’t pretty.  Nough said.  You’ll know it when I find them.  I’ll be buried in those golashes…which of course means the skinny jeans will be required.

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  1. October 20, 2008 9:30 pm


  2. Jenni permalink
    October 23, 2008 10:30 pm

    Hey idiot. You are skinny, therefore you can wear skinny jeans. I’m not skinny and I still do it. Those jeans were perfectly fine, you are just a turd.

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