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little black babies are fun

August 18, 2008

Because I am receiving several emails/phone calls/text messages/(insert other forms of modern communication here)/etc. concerning my recent move this is my horrible effort to remain informative.

A shot of my life packed in boxes and crates….ready to move into the new apartment.

My idea of cooking….who knew water boiling could be so invigorating.

Chris’s idea of a real meal (Hamburger Helper).  I’ll be honest….it was delicious….especially since I had nothing to do with it.  I was beckoned to the table…and treated to a yummy bowl of cheesy goodness.  A good man is hard to find…..but smart to keep around.

Everyone that knows me knows that I could easily be the captain of “Team Jennifer”.  However, this weekend I took a cue from Brangelina and adopted myself a little black baby.  Her name is Sydney and she is wicked cool.  She’s still learning the concept of “outside potty”….but I feel in my soul it’s only a matter of time before I stop stepping in tiny puddles of Syd suds.

Here is her corner of the apartment.  We were really generous and also got her two toys.  She’s so spoiled. 

And now for the tour segment of this post. 

This is the bedroom.  That bed is approximately twelve times larger than my new cubicle at work. 
I’m beginning to really enjoy the color orange….which is strange considering I LOVE neutrals (hence the brown and green all over every other room).

This is our dining area.  Christopher despises the fact that I chose a neutral green for this room.  I feel bad for him….I really do.

This is an awful picture of our bathroom.  It’s got all the normals any bathroom should have.  A toilet, a sink, a shower, a 12 pack of the softest toilet paper Charmin can make and an inevitable clog that Toph is just wating to lay down.  I’m hoping someone is intuitive enough to get us a plunger as a wedding present.  There’s no way I’m registering for it.

Speaking of Christopher…this is his area.  He has way more than just two toys.  Everything he owns could be considered as a toy. 

And here he is….trying not to drool.

Well that’s it for those of you who were interested.  Have a blessed day!  I probably need to go clean up a mess somewhere.  It’s a crapshoot which one of my “children” created it.

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  1. August 19, 2008 8:44 am

    Nice place! Nice pooch! Nice fiancee! Nice blog!

    Seriously, thanks for the update and the pictures. I can’t wait to see the latest Woods homestead.

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