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Around The Room

June 30, 2008

In response to Kelli’s challenge for us all to take some photos of our favorite spots around our living quarters…I have posted some of my favorite things in my room as of today.

This is the June bug I found walking around last night.  It is a little known fact that I have a horrible fear of June bugs and therefore choose not to get any closer to it than I did when putting this glass over it.  I then sprayed hairspray in the glass while the bug was faced the other direction.  We are officially on day two of the standoff and so far the June bug is winning.  Once the dang thing dies I’m gonna get a tissue and throw it away.  Until then it is living as my captive in the family room.  Stupid bug.


This is a rather embarrassing picture of myself that I keep stuck in my vanity mirror to remind me that no matter how bad I may think my hair is behaving on any given day….it could be so much worse.  I could be wearing a teal velvet disaster of a dress.  When I went on medical leave for my surgery last month I had this picture blown up and I pasted it to my office chair.  I felt that way I could leave a little piece of me for everyone to continue laughing at…even when I’m not there to embarrass myself.

This is probably my favorite thing I have ever owned.  This year for Valentines Day my fiance pulled out all the stops.  In a very successful endeavor to be romantic Christopher created the “Laura’s Fishing for Compliments Bowl”.  Inside of the bowl are small pieces of paper with all the reasons he loves me written on them (it also contained delicious jelly beans that I have very nearly devoured).  Here are examples of some of my favorites.

I love you because:
– You don’t like to be chased
– You love sweat pants and you don’t say anything about it when I wear mine for more than one day in a row
– We both have a passion for high fives
– Your butt/booty/rump/crap maker is hot
– You’ve never let me hear you fart but I’ll catch you one day
– You are the only person who can dance as bad as me
– Your musk

It goes on but I’ll stop there.  I think you get the point…..we are awesome

This is what I am fondly referring to as “The Invitation Station”.  I decided early on that I would be printing my own invitations for the wedding.  Had I known the amount of work involved I might have actually opted for E-vites instead.  I’m sure the work will be worth the effort in the end.  For now…I’ll just keep stepping over it while I change my clothes 19 times every morning. 

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  1. June 30, 2008 11:27 pm

    Only you, Bella. Only you.

  2. kellimcgill permalink
    July 1, 2008 8:30 am

    Yay, Laura! I love it. FYI, I have a huge fear of June bugs as well. I think it is because they are crunchy. Also, I really enjoy the huge towers of Bare Minerals in picture #2.

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