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16 Days Later

June 25, 2008

Lately I’ve ben rethinking my decision to start a new blog.  I mean honestly…until I have a kid or husband or fantastic hobby….what’s to write about?  Not much.  I could tell you about my failed attempts to job hunt.  I could relay my journey into the world of wedding planning.  Or maybe I could explain how frustrating it is have to sit down with a calendar to schedule out 8 weeks of papers, case studies and midterms one week after finishing the previous 8 weeks of chaotic classloads.  I sound so boring.  Thus my explaination of why I don’t blog.  I don’t have time to be inspired. 

6 months from now….I’ll be interesting again.  I (partially) promise.


On the upside….Wordpress has decided to allow me access to the photo uploader.  SOOOO on that note….as promised…..a photo of my new (shortlived) hobby:


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  1. June 25, 2008 7:17 pm

    Blogging is an art because writing is an art. And you, my Bella, are an artist. You just have not connected this part of you … haven’t plugged this part of yourself in yet. If you ever do it will be a beautiful thing. That is because you are a deep and beautiful thinker with a very deep soul. This is why I enjoy conversing with you so much. The inner “you” makes me think. That too, is an art and a gift.

    I’m just sayin …

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