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half mast.

February 22, 2008

A major part of my job is to travel to our 5 local branches and keep our staff up to speed on different promotions, new marketing materials and pretty much just hang out professionally.  Now when I say local 5 branches…it is a span of about 60  miles from beginning to end on a given day of me traveling from branch to branch.  Covering two counties.  Two area codes.  And approximately two hundred and fifty miles a month for me (thank god for mileage reimbursement).

Something I observed yesterday while traveling was that about every other flag pole was at half mast. The post office was at full…the college at half.  The library half…the grocery store….full.  I kept thinking to myself….what in the world happened that is causing such “half mast”animosity?  What has occurred in this world that 2 out of 3 area businesses are mourning?  Nothing very specific came to mind.  I thought perhaps it might have been the NIU shooting…or the Kirwood shooting….or maybe we are just pre mourning the idea of Shady McCain making it to the ballot. 

Fifteen minutes ago….. I got my answer. 

I will admit that I have been to my fair share of concerts.  I prefer smaller venues to the bigger ones that charge for parking and then let you sit stranded for 3 hours after the show lets out.  Not to mention the fact that “lawn seats” almost always means one of three things.  The first being that you are hard pressed to walk away without something mysterious being spilt on you.  The second that you will most assuredly get some sort of contact high by at least the encore.  And of course the more obvious third reason being that you will most definitely see at least one middle aged lady embarrassing herself with an unsightly early 80’s halter top covering approximately half of what it should (the most majestic of these breeds will have a mate that exhibits at least one piece of American flag clothing…and a party in the back hair don’t).

That was a lot to say this.  There have been very few shows in my day that have caused me to react in such a way that it might embarrass me later when pictures are posted on myspace.  These times are few and far between…but only because there has only been one band that has evoked these evenings of debauchery for me.  And that band can only come to town every so often.  That band was….The Format.  And in case you didn’t notice…I used the past tense for a very specific reason.  It seems that my favorite band has decided to go it’s own way….in separate directions….much to the dismay of its fans. 

I never understand when things like this happen.  How can you provide such genius music for this world and then just yank it away in the middle of production of what is expected to be your best album yet??  Personal problems aside….I say suck it up and pick up your guitar. 

My flag is at half mast tonight.  And since I’m pretty positive you have never heard of The Format…I’m sure yours is not.  So you go ahead and be the post office….and I’ll be the library. 

Now I have to go watch the new episode of LOST.  Currently I am watching last weeks episode for the fourth time.  In two years….when LOST finally comes to an end….and I no longer have Format shows to dance around unabashedly at….we may seriously have a problem. 

gosh i’m sad.

p.s.  that’s me with all the hair…doing my best cabbage patch. 
copied straight from myspace.

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  1. February 22, 2008 2:23 am

    I confess I read our entire blog and had no clue what in the world you were talking about. Well, until the last sentence of so. yes, I am the post office. But I’m not going postal over the demise of “The Format.” Honestly … and I know you will have trouble believing this … but I’ve kind of stopped listening to music. I don’t know why. I hadn’t noticed it until I read your blog. (I still have my american flag underwear though.) But seriously … I think I’ve lost track of one of the most precious parts of my life. Music. Worship music. Oh my gosh.

  2. topher permalink
    February 22, 2008 3:33 am

    can I be the college?… baby… please

  3. Took permalink
    March 2, 2008 3:32 pm

    Please don’t remind me! That is a tight picture of us. My flag is also at half mast.

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